VICIC is pleased to announce our partnership with Ana María Peredo’s UVic Environmental Studies class was featured in The Ring, UVic’s community newspaper. We invite you to read the full article here:

As MacLaurin and Haupt write, “Peredo is fascinated by the idea of mobilizing local citizens’ funds, so it was a natural fit to partner with the Vancouver Island Community Investment Cooperative (VICIC), a social investment organization that supports local, sustainable projects that focus on social and environmental benefits. In their evaluation, students were asked to focus on four key areas: food security/sovereignty, affordable housing, Indigenous issues and renewable energy. Their projects became part of a final report that was presented back to VICIC for potential social investments.”

This final report is comprised of an elaborate 240-pages and provided an important basis for VICIC to evaluate gaps and opportunities in the community.

In The Ring article, our own Board Member Michael Hoebel states, “This is a classic win-win, where the students have learned something about an approach, and the product that they produced for their assignment is useful pretty much immediately to the people they’re working with—in this case, VICIC.”

VICIC is inspired to hear that this project helped deepen the learning experience for students.

Take for instance student Sam Dillon, who says, “through this class, I learned a considerable amount about what it is like to write for and be accountable to someone beyond just myself or a professor. I also gained a better understanding of how to write a formal report.”