The Vancouver Island Community Investment Cooperative is pleased to announce that we are now selling shares for investment in the 2019 I Invest Local Fund. The 2019 I Invest Fund will focus on renewable energy, sustainable local agriculture, clean technologies, affordable housing, Indigenous partnerships, and locally-owned enterprises that create sustainable livelihoods for the residents of the Islands.

The first step to becoming an investor with the Cooperative is to apply for membership. An additional one-time membership share of $250 must be purchased, then additional investment shares may be purchased. Already a member of the Vancouver Island Community Investment Cooperative? You can invest now and contribute to the 2019 I Invest Local Fund by using the Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreement allows you to purchase investment shares in units of $250.

Membership in the Vancouver Island Community Investment Cooperative is open to all residents of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The Cooperative is governed by a board elected by the membership at its AGM. The cooperative is democratically controlled by the members, with transparent decision making – this is one key difference to the stocks and shares investments that RRSPs typically rely on.

We are looking for investors wishing to invest a portion of their portfolio, who are patient investors, happy to think in the long-term. Investments will be in resilient and sustainable businesses, solving the shortage of investors for those types of businesses. In other words, your money won’t be in stocks and shares, but in projects and people.

Support your community by investing local now!